The Importance Of Cleaning Air Ducts

Get Dirty Air Ducts Cleaned ASAP

With proper maintenance, your HVAC system and inner ductwork will help control indoor climate and ensure only fresh and clean air circulates inside your Canyon Country home/business.

The Importance Of Cleaning Air Ducts

Cleaning Air Ducts In Canyon Country

Looking after your ventilation system is essential, as it’s so important for the health and comfort of your property. Blocked and clogged vents are a big problem, and can be difficult to fix. No homeowner wants to have to get their air ducts cleaned more often than they have to. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to look after your vents, ducts, and overall HVAC system. With these simple tips, you can help extend the duration period between vent cleanings, and they won’t add a lot to your daily chores.

Get Air Filters Installed

Your first job, and the most obvious one, is to make certain that each vent outlet or intake has a filter fitted to it. This won’t catch every piece of debris or particle of dust, but it will catch a lot of them. Even if you’re sure that they’re in place, it’s worth doing a visual check on a regular basis. Filters can be knocked and dislodged on occasion and you want to be 100% sure they are all in place. Air filters help keep the ductwork free from dust and various small debris as much as possible. They greatly reduce the presence of airborne contaminants inside the ductwork of your Canyon Country home. However, when left unclean and neglected, dirty air filters will not do their job properly.

Check On The Filters

Air filters should be cleaned once they start blocking up with dust. Otherwise, they won’t let air through as easily and the saturation of dust on the filter means some will start to be pushed through into the airflow. The cleaning process is easy - just take them outside and shake them clean. Deeply ingrained dust may need to be removed with warm soapy water; be sure that the filter is thoroughly dry before refitting it. At this point you should also check the fit of the filter; does it create a snug seal around the vent? If not, you may need to find a different filter that fits more closely.

Clear Space Around Vent Exits

Many air vents are positioned at floor level. This makes them easy to conceal, but don’t be tempted to leave heavy furniture set up in front of them. Air needs to circulate freely throughout the property, and it won’t be able to if it’s venting directly into the back of your couch. If this happens, you will find the climate control in your Canyon Country property works a lot less effectively and you will spend much more on heating and cooling costs. The experts here at Air Duct Cleaning CityName have some optimization tips for that. Leave at least a foot between the vents and your furniture - more if possible.

Check Indoor Air Quality Regularly

If you’re in any doubt as to the cleanliness of your vents, you can schedule an air quality assessment with our team. We’ll take this opportunity to analyze your atmosphere for any contaminants, dust, or airborne dirt particles. To schedule an appointment, just get in touch with Air Duct Cleaning Canyon Country today. We offer fast, thorough, and affordable cleaning services for air ducts, dryer vents, and more. Give us a call anytime for urgent and professional assistance.


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