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Attic Cleaning and Insulation

Attic Insulation Installation | Air Duct Cleaning Canyon Country, CA

Many homeowners pay little attention to their attics, hoping that what’s out of sight will stay out of mind. We believe differently at Air Duct Cleaning Canyon Country. We know that a well-kept attic keeps your home comfortable to live in, and saves you money in the long run.

Attic Cleaning & Decontamination

If you’ve suffered an animal infestation, your attic needs to be thoroughly decontaminated. Animal infestations leave behind dangerous microbes and bacteria which must be professionally dealt with. We provide a total decontamination service that leaves your attic space safe, clean, and ready for new insulation to be installed.

Insulation Installation

Whether you’re building a new home or re-insulating an existing one, it’s important to make sure your attic insulation is up to scratch. We’ll help you choose the right insulation for your home so it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and we’ll ensure that it’s installed to the highest professional standards.

Insulation Removal

It’s essential to safely remove worn-out insulation from your attic before replacing it, especially if it’s degraded from water, fire, smoke or animal damage. We offer a thorough attic insulation removal service to clear your roof spaces of old insulation material, while safely disposing of it.

Commercial Services

Whether you own a shop, a playgroup, an office building or a school, you need to make sure your building is kept comfortable all year round. Aging buildings lose thermal efficiency, as do those which have been altered and extended, which results in increased energy bills and a less comfortable environment. Our team provides top-quality commercial insulation services for buildings and businesses of all types and sizes, to suit all requirements.

Your attic needs to be kept in good repair so you can get the best out of your home. Whatever services you require, we have everything you need to bring your attic into perfect shape. Contact our Air Duct Cleaning Canyon Country team today to find out what how we can help you.


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